You’re Killing Your Growth With Facebook Page Invites, and Here’s Why

Let’s grow this puppy

You want more eyes on your business. You’ve decided that completing your Facebook presence is the next step. You build your page, and you work hard making it look good. You add some images and a few posts.

Facebook suggests that you invite your friends to like your page. Facebook says you should do it, so it must be good, right?

Wrong. It’s the first day of your page’s growth, and if you do this, it could be the last.

Inviting all of your friends and family on Facebook to like your page makes sense. They’re your friends, why wouldn’t they want to support your business? How could it be a bad thing?

Viszla puppy showing disappointment that your friend wants to sell you things you don't want, and invites you to their business page.

Some of your friends may actually like your products. Others don’t, and having them like your page can hurt you.

Your friend is not your business’s fan

Your Facebook Page is an advertising channel. Whether you spend money on it or not, you are advertising.

Who is really a fan of your business?
Who should see your advertisements?
Your friends, or your ideal customers and prospects?

If you said friends, think again. Your friends don’t care. You matter to them, but your business doesn’t. If they want what you’re selling, they’ll come to you.

Think about who really loves your business. Who brags about it to their friends and family?  Your best customers do. Even your second-tier customers do, if they feel the benefit of working with you.

Those people are your fans. You want them following your page, and you want tens of thousands more just like them.

But when the people following you aren’t crazy about your product or service, you’re going to have a bad time on Facebook.

David Spade in the Movie Tommy Boy, talking about being able to sell to anyone, right prospect or not.

Excellent sales copy is a great asset. Deploying it to people who have no interest in what you sell is a waste, and hurts you on Facebook.

Why does it matter who likes your page?

Facebook knows who your real fans are

When people follow your page, Facebook shows them your posts.

When you show your posts to people who are all about what you are selling, they tend to like it.

They click, they react, they comment. They’re engaged.

When you show your posts to people who don’t give a rat’s ass, they just keep scrolling. They may interact for a while, to be good friends. But eventually, your friend who loves partying and terrible movies is going to get tired of your posts about five books to read while enjoying your company’s newest tea kettle.

When your friends get tired, you get screwed.

They’ll not just stop reacting, they’ll hide your posts. They don’t want to tell you that they don’t give a crap about your products. They still love you. But they can hide your posts from their feed and you’ll never know.

Obviously, that friend isn’t going to see your posts anymore. If that was the only loss, it wouldn’t be so bad. But, there’s more.

When someone tells Facebook they don’t want to see what you’re showing them, The FB algorithms take it very seriously.

You’ll get sent to the land of bad ads, and you’ll have a hard time coming back. Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t have to know why someone hid your posts. They just know you’re posting things people don’t want to see, and they can’t have that. They need engagement to stay high.

So, they’ll stop showing it…To nearly everyone.

The Facebook algorithm is a fickle bitch

Every negative reaction to your posts kills your chances of being seen. You have to get hundreds of positive reactions to counteract just one negative reaction.

So you can kiss your thousands of happy customers for your SaaS Solution goodbye on Facebook. Your friend from high school secretly things it’s bullshit, and they’ve decided your fate.

On the other hand, if you invite the right people, you’re going to have a good time on Facebook.

Stay tuned to find out who you should invite to like your page, and why.