Start Your Shopify Store For Free (no 14-day limit)

When you subscribe here, I'll have my team set up a FREE Shopify development store for you. Ready to start? Skip down to instructions and form

What is a Shopify Development Store?

It's your own, functioning store, set up by a Shopify Partner Agency, like mine. Just like a free trial would be, it's hosted on

Unlike a trial, you're not limited to 14 days of FREE.

So, you choose a store prefix, and your store will be on, until you decide to upgrade and use your own domain name.

You can work on it for as long as you like before launching and paying monthly fees. There is no 14-day limit, unlike the standard trial store.

Why a Shopify Development Store?

When you start with a Shopify Development Store, you get some benefits that you don't get from a standard trial signup.

  • Get more time to fill out your store. No 14-day limit.
  • Start getting sales before you have to pay! (up to 50 sales)
  • Comes with most functions of the Full Shopify Plan. Design your store, add all your content and products, and start driving traffic and sales!

Why Am I Offering To Do This?

  1. I absolutely love helping people start a store.
  2. I know it can be daunting to have to start paying for a store almost immediately. I don't want that to stop you.
  3. It doesn't cost me anything to set it up, just takes a little time. 
  4. I help people build stores and grow sales, so you may think of me later. Some subscribers hire me or buy one of my training programs to get ahead.

How Long Does it Take?

We try to get everyone set up quickly, but lots of people want stores! The sooner you confirm, the quicker you'll be set up. Usually you'll be setup within a day or two.

How Does it Work? (Instructions)

When you enter your information into this form and hit "give me my store", you'll get a confirmation email. When you get that email, hit "confirm email", and you'll be next in line for a store.

When we set you up, you'll get an email to join your store as a staff member. You'll have full control over your store, and you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time from inside your Shopify dashboard. When you're ready to upgrade, email us and we'll transfer store ownership to you.

Note: Some paid apps and themes can't be setup in a store without a paid plan. This is up to the developer of the app or theme, not us.

You'll also get some helpful tips on starting your store, so look out for those emails. Let's get you selling!