Shopify Instagram Approval Fix


This is a full-service solution to getting your store approved for Instagram Product Tagging after you’ve gotten the message “Your store isn’t eligible for instagram product tagging”

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Here is the breakdown of how it works:

Store prep comes first.
  • I do a much more thorough review of your store and each product in the catalog, for many factors. 
  • I provide you a spreadsheet of detailed notes and recommendations for things to add/remove/hide/edit
  • You’ll make those changes to your store.
  • Using that same knowledge about your products, you’ll go through your FB/IG and delete/hide/archive/edit the matching content (e.g, posts with those specific products)
  • I then go through the Facebook page/posts and instagram profile/posts to see what else needs to be done. I add those to the workbook, then you make those changes.
  • I’ll then wait for the Facebook catalog to update with all these changes before escalating to Facebook.
  • I “go into battle” with Facebook directly on your behalf
  • I do all this as a “Partner”, for which you’ll invite me in Business Manager, and as a collaborator in Shopify through the partner program. I do not ask for your passwords. You can remove me as a partner once we are finished.
  • I go through the conversations and escalations necessary to get the instagram disapproval overturned.

Scope of Project

  • The average for these projects is 10-15 hours of my time and around 5-10 days (some of that is just waiting on FB/IG to get back to us)
  • Yours could take more or less than that, that depending on your quantity of:
    • Products
    • Facebook posts
    • Instagram posts
  • I may correct some settings on your Facebook page backend but will not edit/hide/remove posts or designs on Facebook or Instagram.
  • If you have major Facebook catalog problems that need to be fixed first, that may be outside the scope of this project and I will let you know.
  • I do not edit your products for you.
  • I do not troubleshoot your apps. If I determine that you have some issue because an app you have installed (like a feed app), that troubleshooting will be up to you and the app developer.


  • My fee is guaranteed, 100%. So far, I also have a 100% success rate.
  • If you do the things I recommend, and Instagram still won’t approve you, you get a refund from me. If you do not do them, the guarantee does not apply.
  • If I find out that something illegal or unethical was done using your accounts, or you deliberately violated FB TOS and didn’t tell me about it, that also voids the guarantee.

The steps I take before talking to FB/IG are designed to make sure they can’t find some actual reason to deny you in the process of reversing the algorithm’s decision about your store.

I do everything I can to eliminate that possibility of failure, so you must be honest with me!

About me: 

  • I’ve been in eCommerce on and off for myself since 2001. 
  • Started running Facebook ads in 2011. 
  • Started optimizing Shopify stores and creating Facebook campaigns for clients in 2015.
  • Through all that, I’ve spent a lot of money with FB and I’ve spent a lot of time getting things appealed/approved through their support channels. 
  • I’ve learned what to say, how to say it, and what answers from them I won’t accept, etc. to get things done.
  • I know the platforms very well, so I can challenge them with confidence and get them to actually work on an appeal.

Introductory Discount

  • Because I only recently began offering this specific service, I’m doing an introductory discount, flat fee. 
  • The special rate for your store depends on your number of products, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts.
    • Up to 150 = $195
    • 151 – 250 = $325
    • 251 – 350 = $445
    • 351 – 450 = $555
    • Over 450 = $655 (additional charges may apply for larger stores, but you will be notified before work starts)
If this works, I can send you a contract and invoice to get started on getting your approval today.

Additional information

Number of Products, FB & IG Posts

Up to 150, 151-250, 251-350, 351-450, 451+