Instagram Shopping Eligibility Check

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Before you sign up for our Instagram Approval Review or Instagram Appeal Service, we need to make sure you can actually be approved. In this service, we do a quick analysis of your store and give you:

  • The truth about whether or not your store and Instagram can actually get approved. *We are good at this, but there are some stores/accounts that will never be approved, and it’s important you know that before you try to do this.*
  • If you can get approved, an estimate of how much you will have to change to be approved. *For some stores it requires huge changes, and we want you to know if that applies to you*
  • The biggest red flags we see for your store and Instagram profile.

Each day, dozens of store owners contact us for help getting approved.

Starting with this service allows us to respond to everyone who is serious about getting approved for Instagram Product Tagging, and to dedicate the time that is required.

If you do not purchase this service, we will not be able to respond to your request for help. There are too many others who need help.

When you purchase, please read the instructions below.



How To Get Started:

  1. Fill the form on this page(opens in new browser tab). You must do this before we can start.
  2. Purchase this service here. You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing.
  3. We will email you any questions we have
  4. We will email you the results of the eligibility check.

About Us: 

  • I’ve been in eCommerce on and off for myself since 2001. 
  • Started running Facebook ads in 2011. 
  • Started optimizing Shopify stores and creating Facebook campaigns for clients in 2015.
  • Through all that, I’ve spent a lot of money with FB and I’ve spent a lot of time getting things appealed/approved through their support channels. 
  • We’ve learned what they are looking for and not looking for. What they need to see, don’t want to see. How to prepare your store and show them exactly what they need to approve you.
  • We help people get approved every day. So, we have the most updated experience with the rules, which are always changing.



Additional information

Number of Products, FB & IG Posts

Up to 50, 51-150, 151-250, 251-350, 351-450, 451+

  • Brianna says:

    This is an awesome, accessible service to help you gauge how badly you want/need instagram shopping. Daniel’s cursory look at my site identified a red flag that I never would have guessed on my own. I was actually able to hide it on my own and move my status with instagram from “rejected” to “pending”. I 100% believe that he can solve the entire problem for me if I need. Also, all of the communication with Daniel around the issue was highly personable. I can’t express how refreshing that was after dealing with Shopify support (robot-like) and Instagram non-support (fully robotic and awful). If you are feeling frustrated by this opaque application process, definitely start here.

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