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Instagram Shopping Approval Review


NOTE: This is not the full Instagram Shopping Appeal Service. You can find the full service here.

This is a Do-It-Yourself option for store owners who want to prepare their store so that it follows all the rules. There are thousands of rules. Most people aren’t aware of them, and each store works differently within the rules.

It works for store owners on Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or any other self-hosted e-commerce site.

This works for store owners:

  • Who haven’t yet connected the Instagram Sales Channel in Shopify and/or haven’t applied for instagram shopping
  • Who have gotten the message “Your store isn’t eligible for instagram product tagging”.

Please read the entire description below before purchasing this service!

How Does This Review Work, and What is Included?
  • Video review: I do a general analysis of your store, and I record it on screen while I talk you through examples of what you need to change on your store.
  • Checklist: I provide you a spreadsheet of notes, rules, and general recommendations. 
  • You’ll make those changes to your store, Instagram profile, and Facebook business page.
DIY Appeal (after you fix everything):
  • As mentioned above, this service doesn’t include the appeal service we offer.
  • Some people get approved by Instagram without doing anything more.
  • Others get approved by submitting a complaint at help.instagram.com
  • Others find they still need our Instagram Appeal Service. When you purchase that, we personally negotiate the appeal with Instagram. We discount that service for those who have already purchased this one and made all the recommended changes.
  • To get approved, you must fix everything, regardless.

Time Required:

  • Most store owners can get everything fixed in a day of work or less, but it depends on how many products and posts you have to edit. 
  • Yours could take more or less than that, that depending on the nature and quantity of your:
    • Products
    • Facebook posts
    • Instagram posts

How To Get Started:

  1. Fill the form on this page(opens in new browser tab). You must do this before we can start.
  2. Purchase this service here on this page. You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing.
  3. We will email you a confirmation for the form submission, and for your purchase.
  4. We will email you any questions we need before starting.
  5. We will provide your video review and checklist within 4 business days after your purchase AND form completion.  


  • This service is not guaranteed to get you approved, because we’re not filing an appeal for you. We will provide you what you need to fix your store, the rest is up to you and instagram.
  • There are no refunds on this service. 
  • For a guaranteed service, see our Instagram Shopping Appeal Service

Introductory Discount

  • Because I only recently began offering this specific service and need more reviews, I’m doing an introductory discount, $99 instead of $199. 
Number of Products, FB & IG Posts

Up to 150, 151-250, 251-350, 351-450, 451+


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