Rejected For Instagram Shopping? 

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Even Though Instagram Doesn't Reply And Shopify Doesn't Know What To Do

Go From This:

Screenshot of error message in shopify - instagram product tagging

To This:

Screenshot of Shopify store approved for Instagram Product Tagging after being disapproved


From This:

Rejection message from instagram shopping

To This:

Screenshot of Instagram shop

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

"Now I am able to sell products via Instagram through product tagging."

"97% of my online store traffic comes from Instagram. So to say I rely on Instagram, it's a bit of an understatement. 

Trying to set up Instagram product tagging for my Shopify store, I kept getting denied. And Facebook and Instagram were not being very transparent.

I wasn't given a specific reason as to why I was denied. It was so frustrating.

But then I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Daniel, and he offered to provide a service that would get me that approval. 

From the moment I connected with Daniel, it was such a seamless transition. The workflow he provided for me on my end was so thorough and so concise. It made the process so easy. 

It was so... encouraging. And he stayed in touch with me the entire time throughout the entire process and walked me through, and went to great lengths in order to ensure that my shop would be approved. 

Shortly after the process of handling things on my end and making sure that everything was tidy, Daniel went to bat for me. He submitted my re-approval and a day or so later, my shop was successfully approved and connected to Instagram. 

Now I am able to sell products via Instagram through product tagging.

It's an immensely helpful experience I now get to provide for my customers.

And I cannot thank Daniel enough. 

I'm so grateful for the service he offers and I encourage you to reach out and work with Daniel. 

Thanks again Daniel. Appreciate it."

- Artist and Shop Owner
Real Fun Wow @realfunwow
Shopify store owner Kristen

“Daniel successfully connected my shop sites with social media and i’m currently product tagging away!"

"Daniel from Growmeow marketing literally saved my sanity!

I was so frustrated with my Shopify site being blocked from connecting to Instagram and Facebook. I spent countless hours researching solutions, meanwhile watching other shops tag seamlessly.

I contacted Daniel and within hours he was working my case. His responsiveness and hard work put me at ease. Daniel successfully connected my shop sites with social media and i’m currently product tagging away!"

Kristen D
- Owner
Loss Knot Lost Online Boutique @lossknotlost
Shopify owner Santiago on microphone

Highly professional, highly knowledgeable. He really helped me out."

He showed me in a very professional way the whole scope of the work, clearly very professional. After the agreement was set, we went back and forth through emails just to clarify what was being done. What had to be done. Those emails were like the highlight of my week. I totally looked forward to receiving those emails.

To Work with this person was pure joy. And at the end, after putting in the work, going through every single aspect of the project we, we did it. The project was a success. We got the approval, the, the sun shines again. You know, for this to happen really, really meant a lot to me and I really thank you, Daniel, for everything you helped me with.

10 out of 10 GrowMeow - work with Daniel. Totally recommend truly is a pleasure to work with this person. Highly professional, highly knowledgeable. He really helped me out.

- Artist and Shop Owner
Habanero Negro @habaneronegro
Daniel Larsen

Owner of GrowMeow

About Daniel Larsen

  • Through 9 years of working with Facebook advertising, I've spent a lot of time getting things appealed/approved through their support channels and direct contacts. 
  • I've learned what to say, how to say it, and what answers from them I won't accept, etc. to get things done.
  • I know the platforms very well, so I can appeal with confidence and get things approved.

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