Dozens of Store Owners Have Been Approved For Instagram Shopping

Even Though They were Rejected.

Now, You Can Get Approved - Guaranteed!

Go From This:

Screenshot of error message in shopify - instagram product tagging

To This:

Screenshot of Shopify store approved for Instagram Product Tagging after being disapproved


From This:

Rejection message from instagram shopping

To This:

Screenshot of Instagram shop

...In As Little As 3 Days.

(Also works for WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, & others)

"Your Store Isn't Eligible For Instagram Product Tagging".

You Read It, And Your Heart Sinks

You've seen stores like Native Union increasing traffic 2,666%

And shops like Natori, who doubled their revenue from Instagram.

Of course, you can’t wait to do the same.

So you add the Facebook and Instagram shopping channels. You get excited as you click the button to hit submit.

You know your fans will soon be able to shop every product in your feed easily.

You Know Instagram Shopping Changes The Game

You're ready to quit the “link in bio” captions. Excited to finally stop paying for the clunky apps that make a second "feed" for shopping.

You envision the sales rolling in, and “Order Placed” email notifications stacking up. 

You can almost hear the extra “Cha-Ching” sound of your sale notifications. You wait a few hours, days, or even weeks.

But Instagram Has Other Plans, It Seems

Finally, or sometimes right away, you get a notification about instagram’s decision. You click through, to find a mood-shattering message, highlighted in red - the color of internet rejection.

“Your Store Isn’t Eligible For Instagram Product Tagging”. 

Your heart sinks. 

You read on… "Instagram reviewed your store and decided that it’s not currently eligible for Instagram product tagging. View Instagram’s commerce policy or contact instagram to learn more.”

There Must Be Some Mistake?

You did everything they asked. Your store doesn't break the rules.

So you click through the “contact Instagram” link, hoping it’s just a quick appeals process, and then you’ll be on your way. Surely just a misunderstanding.

But you gradually realize that link doesn’t help you one bit.

It’s not an appeal application.  There’s no chat link, no email to write to, not even a contact form.

It doesn’t explain why you were rejected for Instagram product tagging. Anywhere. 

You Can't See A Reason For The Rejection, And Instagram Doesn't Give You One.

You're completely in the dark. All you know is, you have to figure this out.

Without it, you know you’re missing out on a lot of sales.

Instagram shopping drives traffic and conversions, and your store is ready to take advantage of that.

Except for this ridiculous rejection for no reason, that is...

Down The Wormhole

Moving on, you head to the forums looking for an answer, and luckily some people have some ideas for how to get approved.

You dive in and start following the tips.

You spend hours... 

...switching your instagram to personal, and back to business...

...deleting the instagram app...

...changing your Facebook page settings my business page and created a new one...

...clearing every cache known to man and rebooting all your computers...

But none of it works.

You get the same rejection message almost immediately. 

You're locked out, and even worse, you've wasted hours or even days trying to fix it and gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.

But you're not done. Someone else has another idea.

And another....

And another...

Not a single trick is worth a damn. Why do these people even waste your time with tricks that don't work?

Might as Well Just Light Money On Fire

You're missing out on sales by the day.

And now you've spent way too much time working on this. 

That's time you would have spent growing your sales, so who knows how much this is actually costing you. 

You're Not Alone

Thousands of successful sellers are having this problem.

Even some of the big, established brands get the dreaded "you're not eligible" message. 

They can't figure it out, either.

The Good News: You Can Be Approved Even After Rejection

Even though nobody has been able to help you, there's still hope.

You can get approved in a week, even after being told you're not approved or not eligible.

You can start tagging your products on Instagram, even as big around the world beat their head against a wall trying to figure out why they can't get approved.

"But How? Nothing I've Tried Has Worked"

First, it helps to understand the problem. 

Just like you, instagram is a successful business. And just like you, they want to make money. They make money by keeping users on instagram as long as possible, so they can serve them ads.

So, they protect the feed like it’s their baby.

They don’t want anything remotely questionable being linked from the feed. So, their algorithm is set to reject you if there’s even the slightest question about your store and products.

Again, it’s an algorithm, not a person. So it doesn’t ask questions, it just rejects your store if there's a red flag of any kind.

How Many Red Flags Are There?

There are thousands of factors for which the Instagram algorithm will flag a product or post and reject a store.

Most of them, to our human eyes, are not actually a problem. But the automated system is super-sensitive.

So unless you actually have something in your store that violates their policies, you likely got rejected because of dozens of small mistakes or subtle violations.

Now your problem is, that algorithm’s decision is usually final.

Moving on...You Don't Need to Worry About that. You Can Get It Reversed. Even Though...

  • Instagram doesn't allow you to appeal, and doesn't answer service requests
  • Facebook doesn't offer a process for appeal, either
  • And Shopify has no control over the situation, and doesn't know what to do about it.

Yep, You Can Get Approved Anyway

And it doesn't involve...

  • "Report the problem to Instagram"
  • Deleting business pages or profiles and creating new ones
  • Clearing the cache and rebooting endlessly while scratching your head, rubbing your tummy, and burning incense to a shrine of Zuck. 

...Or any combination of wild ideas you read on a forum.

It also doesn't require:

  • You doing anything "black hat" or unethical that could get you banned for good
  • Being a big brand with lots of money to blow on ads
  • Giving your passwords to strangers on the internet

How Do I Know You Can Still Get Approved?

I've Done It For Myself, And For Dozens of Store Owners Just Like You


Before you let anyone tell you there's no way, you should know that I've been in your shoes.

I Couldn't Wait To Start Tagging Products For My Newest Store

Just like you, I've seen the value of Instagram Product Tagging.

  • I have used it before, on a previous store.
  • Some of my clients use it in their stores, and it's one of their best sources of high-conversion traffic.
  • I've seen firsthand how well it works for driving serious shoppers to product pages.

So when I set up my newest store, there was no question... 

Instagram Shopping was high on my priority list.

I got my store ready in every way possible.

I got my Instagram schedule lined up with some great content.

I splurged for a bunch of lifestyle photos I knew would do well with tagged products.

I was all set, and I felt my first Instagram sale coming very soon.

I clicked the button and thought I would be ready to go in no time.

Instead, I got that same generic red rejection message you got. My excitement shriveled.

And then I was pissed off.

I had heard of the rejections but not seen it before. I knew Instagram had been cracking down, but thought as long as I did everything right, I'd be approved right away - just like everyone else selling similar products.

Looking through the forums, I found out it's happening to a lot of people. Nobody knew of a way to fix it. They were all desperately trying every idea they could find.

Most of them had been trying for months. Some had given up hope completely.

I talked to several different Shopify Support "Guru" reps who couldn't help.

Even worse, they all gave me bad information. They all suggested things that don't work.

They even said a lot of things I knew weren't true!

What if I didn't know any better?

What if it was my first store and I just trusted them to know what they were talking about? I could have wasted a ton of time!

With that, I decided I needed to solve this problem. Even though part of me wanted to give up on it and go focus on a different sales channel.

I needed to solve it for myself and for the desperate people on the forums. 

So, I went to work. I did more research, I talked to people who were approved and who weren't, and I started to piece it together.

I pulled out my notes from nearly a decade of Facebook ad work, conversations with Facebook and Instagram, ad rejections and appeals... 

I went through my product pages, one by one. I went over my Facebook posts and Instagram feed. I made a lot of notes, and a lot of tiny changes.

Then I talked directly with Facebook. Armed with what I'd learned, I went into battle. 

There was a lot of back and forth. Once again, I got a lot of bad information.

But I have 8 years experience with Facebook ads and their support teams, so that came in handy.

I was able to get past the bad info and past the trained responses. I escalated from one rep to another, and another.

I got them to look at my problem seriously. By that point I knew everything there was to know about it, so I didn't back down when I hit a dead end.

6 Days Later, Shopify Notified Me My Store Was Approved.

I was stoked. There were some happy four letter words thrown around. May or may have not been a fist pump. Cannot confirm or deny. 

After a quick celebration I emailed my Facebook/Instagram support rep to thank him for his help.

I asked him how I could help my clients and others who are having this problem. He said unfortunately, he couldn't help me with that.

I asked if the way I did it was best. Should I just keep doing that? 

"That might work," he said.

I started helping some other people with their stores. I went through the same process. It was clunky and always took a lot of extra effort, but I got them approved.

Now I had a new problem to solve. How could I get this done, regularly, in a way I can guarantee success.

I went down another rabbit hole, spending more time talking with Facebook. More research, more emails.  

A lot of tedious, boring work. You don't need to know about all that.

Anyhow, I finally got it down to a science - Where I can go to work on a store, follow the same process, and guarantee an approval. 

Finally, A Solution - To a Problem Torturing So Many Store Owners

Armed with a dependable process, I went to work. 

I found out there were even more people getting rejected than I first thought. So many had just given up on it all together.

Slowly but surely, I've been working to get them all approved. One by one, we're making progress!

My clients are getting approval, and their customers are shopping seamlessly on their feeds - and loving it!

No more "link in bio". No more hoping people take the time to scroll up and then go find the product they wanted.

They tag products with a simple click, or schedule the product tag automatically from their scheduling app.

I Asked For An Easy Button - A Way To Fix This For Everyone

In the process, I'm always looking to improve. I tried to see if this would ever change on its own, or if they would make it easier for store owners.

But unfortunately, Facebook said they won't change how this works - It works like this to maintain the quality of Instagram shopping.

So, store owners will keep having the issue, and someone like me will have to roll up my sleeves and make these appeals happen.

So, I've Made It As Easy As Possible

An Inside Track to Approval

  • Get An Official Appeal, The Only Way To Get Your Rejection Reversed. 
    Avoid the Feed App spammers and people who would have you screw up your whole store trying to get approved.
  • No Complicated Technical Stuff. No Starting Over With New Profiles. 
    Just a customized list of small changes, exactly what your store needs in order to guarantee you get approved.
  • Fully Guaranteed. I have a 100% success rate. So I guarantee your success, 100% or your money back.*

Stop Pulling Your Hair Out. Start Tagging Products.

Some people have been dealing with this problem for over 2 YEARS. They've been waiting, trying every possible solution they could find, and then waiting some more. 

Shortly after getting started with me, they saw the light at the end of the tunnel. One client said she "literally yelped" when she saw how I could help.

You Could Spend 2 Years, And Countless Hours, and Never Get Approved.

Or, You Can Get Approved In a Few Days.

Maybe you already have spent months, like my client Jeannine. Her message to me when I got her approved a few days ago:

"OMG Daniel!!! You are the best. I have struggled with this for months. You have no idea how happy I am right now. "

This problem was costing Jeannine time and money. Now she has those back. She can focus on growing her store. 

Here's what she had to say about that:

"After attempting to make my instagram account shoppable with my shopify website, I quickly realized that it wasn’t as easy for me as I thought it was.

Immediately, I received a message stating that “My shop is not eligible for product tagging”.

As you can imagine this was incredibly frustrating for me. I tried several times by adjusting and tweaking certain things but had no success.

I became so frustrated I actually stopped trying for months.

After giving it a long break I decided to try once more. My thought process’s been long enough, maybe it will get approved this time.

Unfortunately, my shop was denied again. I decided to turn to google and came across a forum in shopify where I found Daniel’s information. I quickly thought, I haven’t had any success, maybe he will.

I’m so glad I did!!

Because in about a week (actually, a little less than a week) he had my shop approved for product tagging and I couldn’t be happier.

If you are in the same position I was in, I REALLY recommend giving Daniel a chance. My only regret is not finding his information sooner, would have saved me a lot of aggravation."

Jeannine decided it was  worth it to get our

Instagram Shopping Approval Service

We help you get your store ready for review, and then we trigger that manual review through our Instagram contacts.

We get your approval personally, in as little as a few hours, up to a few days.

This 100% guaranteed service is the only guaranteed way to get approved after rejection.*

  1. 1
    Get simple instructions for changes to make: Every store and profile we look at has things that need to be fixed before review. We give you a simple list of the issues and specific instructions for what to do.
  2. 2
    We represent you with Facebook & Instagram: We speak directly with FB & IG to get your case appealed.
  3. 3
    We're not finished until you're approved: We handle all the back-and-forth with FB & IG until you're approved. And we guarantee your approval, or your money back.*
Instagram shopping profile screenshot

What People Say About Our Approval Service

portrait of instagram shopping user Daren

"Now I am able to sell products via Instagram through product tagging."

"97% of my online store traffic comes from Instagram. So to say I rely on Instagram, it's a bit of an understatement. 

Trying to set up Instagram product tagging for my Shopify store, I kept getting denied. And Facebook and Instagram were not being very transparent.

I wasn't given a specific reason as to why I was denied. It was so frustrating.

But then I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Daniel, and he offered to provide a service that would get me that approval. 

From the moment I connected with Daniel, it was such a seamless transition. The workflow he provided for me on my end was so thorough and so concise. It made the process so easy. 

It was so... encouraging. And he stayed in touch with me the entire time throughout the entire process and walked me through, and went to great lengths in order to ensure that my shop would be approved. 

Shortly after the process of handling things on my end and making sure that everything was tidy, Daniel went to bat for me. He submitted my re-approval and a day or so later, my shop was successfully approved and connected to Instagram. 

Now I am able to sell products via Instagram through product tagging.

It's an immensely helpful experience I now get to provide for my customers.

And I cannot thank Daniel enough. 

I'm so grateful for the service he offers and I encourage you to reach out and work with Daniel. 

Thanks again Daniel. Appreciate it."

Daren Magee
- Artist, Store Owner - @realfunwow
Shopify store owner Kristen

“Daniel successfully connected my shop sites with social media and i’m currently product tagging away!"

"Daniel from GrowMeow marketing literally saved my sanity! 

I was so frustrated with my Shopify site being blocked from connecting to Instagram and Facebook. I spent countless hours researching solutions, meanwhile watching other shops tag seamlessly.

I contacted Daniel and within hours he was working my case. His responsiveness and hard work put me at ease. Daniel successfully connected my shop sites with social media and i’m currently product tagging away!"

Kristen D
- Owner, Loss Knot Lost
Online Boutique

Just wish I hadn't wasted so much time trying to do it myself. "

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get this done.  Tried contacting facebook using every method ever mentioned on the forums dozens of times and had no luck.  I paid Daniel (GrowMeow) to do it and it was well worth it.  Just wish I hadn't wasted so much time trying to do it myself. 

Andrew W.J.
- Antiques & Art Dealer
peanut character

“Daniel successfully connected my shop sites with social media and i’m currently product tagging away!"

"Daniel was a life saver- I worked with him to enable Instagram product tagging for my Shopify store after it was initially rejected.

Like a lot of e-commerce business owners, I chose Shopify because of its Instagram integration so the rejection was unexpected. Neither Instagram nor Shopify provided a reason why, so after blindly trying things to fix it (and striking out on reaching a human to help) I contacted Daniel.

I immediately knew this wasn't his first rodeo. He was thorough, professional, responsive, and affordable. First, he provided detailed feedback on my store and social channels and once I'd tightened the screws on both, he somehow coaxed Instagram to take another look. Shortly after, my store was approved.

This saved countless hours. It's rare to find a consultant who delivers on exactly what they promise- Daniel did and then some. I highly recommend him."

- Owner, E.F. Mercantile
Boiled Peanuts

Get Approved - 35% Off, Only Here and Now

This service gets you approved without wasting any more time. Let us get you on the path to approval today.

100% guaranteed*, 100% safe and secure.

Screenshot of Shopify store approved for Instagram Product Tagging after being disapproved
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More People Who Were Struggling Just Like You Are...

Who Are Now Getting Traffic Through Product Tagging

“...It sounded amazing, and I also at the same time was like, is this real?

And it was. I emailed, reached out to him, he got back to me very quickly, which I appreciated.

And from the moment that I hopped on board to work with him, he was very responsive and within, gosh, a week, I had my Instagram store active, and it was such a fluid, easy process.

His communication was clear. He was so well organized, very professional, and just a joy to work with.

And he did exactly what he said he would and promised.

And now my Instagram store is live! 

And, I have the tagging and it all works fluidly.  

I'm so grateful and I just wanted to share my experience , so that, maybe if you were like me maybe doubting a bit like, is this legit?

It is. It's totally legit.

He is a real person. He is super professional and will get the job done and get your Instagram store working so you can have tagging with your Shopify store.

So anyhow,  just wanted to share and thank you again, Daniel. You're awesome. Aloha."

Fawne Frailey
- Owner & Artist
Sea Light Print Shop

“I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is currently in the same position I was in before.

And I want to thank him for making my shop shoppable, because without him, I honestly wouldn't have ever figured it out..."

Jeannine P
- Founder & Creator
Dreamlike Creations, LLC

“Daniel gave me a detailed list of what I needed to fix on my website, Facebook page, and Instagram, and then he worked diligently to get my account approved, and it happened..."

Jessica Pritchett
- Founder & CEO
Ooli Beauty

“We would still be sitting here stumped without his help..."

- Featherlite Designs
Designer for Muddy Marvels Pottery
Daniel Larsen

Owner, GrowMeow

Murray Larsen

Chief Bark Officer

Who Are You Working With?

I'm a small business owner like you. I've been starting and running online stores since 2002. First as a hobby, now it's what I do every day.

I also help other store owners grow, profitably.

I've been doing that, working with Facebook advertising since 2011 and Instagram since 2014, and I've learned a ton about the platforms over the years.

I also love to fish, sing bad karaoke, and travel to find the best hikes with my dog, Murray (named after Bill).

Just Like You, Jim Has a Great Shop - But He Was Denied Anyway.

After Wasting Lots of Time and Energy and Getting Nowhere, He Contacted Me. Here's What He Had to Say About That...

"I honestly can’t recommend Daniel Larsen enough.

When we originally set up our Shopify e-commerce site, we successfully linked our facebook account, but when we attempted to link our Instagram account, we got the message that our products weren’t eligible.

Worse, the links to resolving or appealing that were a frustrating circle of pages that led nowhere.

We reached out to Instagram a few times with no response and finally gave up to focus on more pressing issues with our business. It always irritated me, though, that we weren’t able to fully use our company’s instagram account.

I started searching through Shopify forums and quickly saw that we weren’t alone.

Throughout, one name kept popping up as a way, if not the only way, to fix this. Daniel Larsen.

I reached out asking for help and got a response quickly. He was super professional and organized. As it turned out, we had a number of things to fix regarding how we had our facebook/instagram accounts set up (including our business accounts originally being set up under a personal account).

He walked us through each step in getting all of that straightened out before even starting on the audit of our site. The next step was a Google Workbook with step-by-step instructions for addressing each issue on our site.

We completed all of it in a day or two and our account was approved FOUR DAYS LATER!

The cost was minimal and my only regret was that I didn’t find him earlier.

We wasted so much time and energy on this before contacting Daniel and would have never figured out what we really needed.

Definitely the best money we spent in 2019."

Every Day You Spend  Trying Things That Don't Work, is A Day Your Customers Can't Shop Your Feed

The forums are full of people like you, trying every random idea they can find to try to get approved. And I can't blame them. It's really frustrating! And it seems like it should just work, or Instagram should just fix it. 

But like you saw earlier, this is not a "bug". This is a feature of Instagram Shopping. It's hard to get approved because they want the platform to be great, so people will shop there.

But there's so much bad information out there. Some people are trying to help, some are spamming, some scamming, but none of them know how to really get approved.

There are some who got approved but really don't know how or why, and they recommend things that will make it harder for you to get approved.

Meanwhile, every hour you spend trying these things is costing you sales.

You Could Try Everything & Hope, Or You Can Get Help

You could spend days, months, even years trying to figure this out and hoping you get lucky. Or, you can get professional help from an experienced team. 

Simple, Guaranteed Appeal

  • You don't have to guess at what Instagram wants. Get precise instructions to get your store ready.
  • Get around the wall of Instagram Service. We work with them directly on your behalf.
  • You don't have to start over. No new profiles, pages, or feeds.
  • Get approved in as little as 2 days.
  • Start tagging products!
  • Approval Guaranteed!*

Do It Yourself (& Pray)

  • Keep reading endless forums and trying dozens of random things to try to get lucky.
  • Starting from scratch on new profiles without the followers you've worked so hard for.
  • Endless support chat with Shopify who doesn't have the ability to help you.
  • Going around in circles trying to contact Instagram and get a response of any kind.
Instagram shopping profile screenshot

What You Get When You Purchase Now:

  • Easy, clear steps, 100% specific to your store, for getting ready for appeal.
  • We do the appeal, through our contacts at Instagram.
  • Approval Guaranteed*
  • 40% discount off full service price!
  • Email updates through the entire process.
  • Clear instructions for tagging your first products.

100% Approval Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Approval Guarantee. If you do everything I say, in each step, and I can't get you approved, you get your money back. Exception: If you have purchased your Instagram account, purchased followers, or used a service to get you followers, you must tell me about it - and I cannot guarantee your approval. If you have violated Facebook or Instagram's Terms of Service, the same applies (this doesn't apply to many people). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Do you need my passwords?

But someone else sells a similar product / posts similar things, and they're approved.

Are the changes I need to make temporary?

Why can't you just tell me how to fix it real quick?

Why does this cost money?

How do you know you can get me approved?

What if you can't get me approved?

P.S.: This is a special one-time offer, for people who are serious about getting product tagging ASAP. You can wait if you want, but you won't see a price this low again.

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