Grow a Loyal Group of Facebook Fans Without Inviting Your Friends and Family

You know you need to grow your Facebook audience. You know it’s still the biggest platform, with over 1.8 Billion people. Billion with a B!

You May Also Feel  Facebook Marketing is a Pain in the Ass.

How do you know? You’ve tried several tactics and it isn’t working. You’ve invited your friends and family. That sort of worked, for a while. They eventually dropped off, and your page is like a ghost town. You tried some ads, you even put a decent budget behind them. Not much happened.

Those were some expensive crickets you heard.

You can bring the page to its heyday, and you can make it better than it ever was. You only need to follow a few basic principles. I’ll outline one of those here. Do this one thing right, and you’ll do better than most businesses on Facebook.

Define Your Ideal Customer. Who Are They?

Where do they live? Why?
What do they enjoy? Why?
Where do they hang out, and who with? Why?

Remember that “hanging out” happens online these days just as much as offline – sometimes more.

You’re going to use these ideas to create your customer avatar. Then, you can build your page for the person in that avatar. That is how you replicate your ideal customer 10,000 times.

If you have a variety of great customers with different avatars, build those later. Start with one – The customer you know the most about. Honestly, that customer avatar should define your product, your culture, and all your marketing…but that’s for another article.

Your Customer Avatar is Your Facebook Marketing Foundation

Build your page for the person in that avatar. Be genuine about your business and who you help. If you have to fake it, you need to rethink your product and your value proposition. Your product and content should always add value to your ideal audience. Your page is just a channel for that.

Use your avatar to reach the right person through Facebook’s advanced targeting abilities. Don’t try to reach them all. They’ll come in droves if you approach one person correctly.

Think creatively about how your avatar helps you do that. If you created a good customer avatar, it has everything you need. Get outside the box and go find that person.

Facebook lets you reach into a barrel of people and pick out your one. You get to choose them based on their interests, their behaviors, and detailed demographics. There is an endless possibility of combinations, but don’t let that scare you.

Your Customers Are Probably On Facebook, and They Can be Targeted.

If your customer is female and rides dolphins, you can target that.Don’t be afraid that your customers aren’t there on Facebook. 1.8Billion people. They’re there, and you can reach them, even if they’re a little quirky.

Remember you still just need to reach one specific customer and replicate them. You can find a few combinations of traits to target, and you can test them to see which works best. With valuable content, you’ll know pretty quickly if you’re on or off. Get it on target and refine from there.

Then you can experiment with more traits. You can go more broad with your traits and scale up to a larger audience. You can reach that scaled audience again and again, just make sure you always provide value.

Once you attract thousands of them to build your audience, you’re ready to deepen the relationship. Continue thinking about what you can give them that will keep them coming back. Think about what you can do with your business, not just your content. You are there to serve them, so do it. 

The more focused your audience, the easier it will be to keep them engaged. The more engaged they are, the better you can get to know them. The better you know them, the more you can do to improve their lives – and remain as a part of their lives.