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Since Daniel started his first business at age 11, making up to $500 each school day, he's owned, operated, and sold businesses in niche products and services. He now focuses on marketing & advertising physical products, apps, and other innovative B2C solutions online, which is ironic since all his hobbies involve getting far away from all data connections.

Want to Win in Business? Learn This Early

If you want to beat your expectations, you have to learn this first.

People talk a lot about overcoming fears - and you should. But, fear isn't what usually stops people from success once they've started.

Whatever your business, you have a hidden trap inside of you, just waiting to stop your progress in its tracks. Whether eCommerce, Apps, Services, doesn't matter. You'll encounter this at some time.

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Save Big Money. Fix Your Leaky Ship Before You Invite More Onboard

You're having a great day. Your feet are up on the desk, a big smile on your face. You were just able to double sales with a new advertising campaign(!!!). Lean back, fold your hands behind your head. Queue music... Money money money moooonaaay!

Now, picture thousands of those dollars flying out your 20th story window. Would you sit there smiling as they fluttered down to the street below? Of course not. Would you let that happen? No. 

But you might already be doing it.

You should shut that window. But let's go deeper than that with another analogy.

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