Hey, there! I’m Daniel

Does your product or service have untapped potential for growth?

I help innovative product creators and service providers grow their sales online. The way I do that for each project varies, but the process is similar for each.

In order to grow sales, you have to know who your customers, or potential customers really are. You have to know the thoughts and emotions that cause them to do what they do, and to buy.

I work hard on helping you refine that. I develop it into a communication strategy. I use whatever channel they're on (socical, email, etc. ) to find them and interact with them in a way they can't resist .

When you start out, you're a stranger to almost everyone. I use written words, videos, and images to help you become a loved and trusted person or brand.

In the meantime, I help your audience get from "just curious" to customer. I help them arrive at a buying decision and click "Complete Order" with gusto.

I work with you to help keep them not just as a customer, but as a raving fan. So enthusiastic about you and your brand, they help you grow as if you were contagious.

Would you like your brand to be contagious? 

Marketing and Advertising Work

Pug Life Emoji App

Screenshot of Pug Life's Facebook header, part of the marketing run by Daniel Larsen

Pug Life Emoji App is an integrated emoji keyboard app for iOS users, for which they pay a one-time purchase price. They needed someone to define their potential customers, find them, get them to buy the app. When we met, they had only managed to get users to download it if it was free. I helped them in the following ways, among others. 

Facebook Advertising for App Installs

Getting profitable app installs (less money spent on ads than earned from paid installs) on Facebook is a challenge these days. Pug Life had struggled to get any sales, much less profitable ones. I turned that around, with an average profit exceeding 200% of ad-spend, even while Facebook made changes that took many advertisers out of the game completely.

Screenshot of a facebook app install ad results from one day

Screenshot of one of the hundreds of app install ads.

Facebook Page Growth and Engagement

I launched the Pug Life Facebook page from zero, and I grew it into a community of thousands of madly engaged fans who see the page as a place where they come daily, find content they love to share, and they share their own with the page. User-generated content is the best kind, and this page gets tons of it.

Screen capture of weekly post engagement for Pug Life on Facebook

A week of all-organic engagement created for Pug Life

Copywriting, Video & Image Creation

Successful advertising on Facebook requires dynamite ad content. So, I developed and ran the content strategy for Pug Life. In addition to running the paid and organic campaigns, I provided the sales copy, videos, and other visual content that made those campaigns irresistible to Pug Life's potential users and fans. 

Results screenshot showing video views for a Facebook video ad.

Results from one of hundreds of Facebook video view ads run to build engagement and branding.

FullTime Outdoors - Single Product E-Commerce

Pug Life Emoji App is an integrated emoji keyboard app for iOS users, for which they pay a one-time purchase price. They needed help understanding who their potential users were, where to find them, and how to get them to buy the app. When we met, they had only managed to get users to download it if it was free. I helped them in the following ways, among others. 

Audience Warm-up Videos on Facebook

No matter your business, leading with the sale is rarely a good way to make a sale - unless your product is such an irresistible no brainer and you know you're advertising to customers who need it right this instant. The other 99.999% of the time, you need to warm them up. This video warmed up an audience of 40,000 people at the low cost of $0.001 per lead. 

Continued Warm-up Content Campaigns

The people who enjoyed that video the most were later showed a large variety of content with the same theme. Because it was authentic and the brand engaged directly with them, it built affinity and warmed them up for the sale. 

This image reinforced the belief that resonated with the audience of the video. Ad spend was less than $0.07 per engagement (Like, Share, Comment, Page Like). It will be repeated in the future with varied images and smaller text to reduce costs further.

Product Reputation Advertising

This was actually a supplement to the campaign, and sales were not the primary goal. However, this ad produced sales and cart additions for a specific product. It was easily added to the campaign to attract purchases from those who were itching to buy.

It features a real review, an image from the product page, and the beginning of the sales copy from that page.

Your Unique Experience

Your brand might be different. Your message is your own, and the content that we use to captivate your audience will be unique to you. But, you will likely see results from using the principles that guided these campaigns.

Services Offered

Social Media Advertising

Your customers want to know you. The path to making that connection through social media may differ from what you expect. It is a science, and Post & Hope is not a strategy.

Copywriting / Editing

Your words are the foundation of your marketing. Use the right ones, and you can build a masterpiece on top of them. Say more with less, and your audience will thank you with their wallets.

Visual Content Creation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your videos can be worth a million. Combine the right words with captivating images and videos, and you can decide your own worth.

Ecommerce From the Ground Up

Take advantage of my 17 years of experience in e-commerce. Allow me to set up a site  that will build your brand and drive consistent sales growth.