Featured Project:

Ideal Customer Attraction - Between Two Pines

Attracting your ideal audience  is more possible now than ever. And, it's far more efficient these days.  FullTime Outdoors used this brief campaign to bring in people who share a view held by the company.

The results of that were just what they were looking for:

  1. 470% increase in their targeted follower count (470 people). What's more important than that number, is the % of those people who are real, passionate fans. No fake followers, and no irrelevant general "like-whores".
  2. 200% increase in targeted web site traffic during the campaign, with a 100% increase remaining after the campaign. These web site visitors can also be easily re-engaged in future campaigns.
  3. 25% increase in sales during the campaign
  4. 40% increase in email signups during the campaign
  5. A campaign that can be repeated indefinitely whenever the brand chooses, and scaled to a sizable niche.

Main Media: Video (Watch in HD)

This video was viewed over 17,000 times. Ad spend was less than $0.002 for every person who viewed the video, and 67% of watched the entire video. It needs no additional work to replicate those results with 1.5 million people.

We wrote compelling copy for this video, which primarily consisted of a quote from legendary outdoorsman and conservationist, John Muir. We produced the video to aesthetically please the intended audience. We designed and operated the ad campaign to reach that key audience.

Complimentary Media: Image

This image reinforced the belief that resonated with the audience of the video. Ad spend was less than $0.07 per engagement (Like, Share, Comment, Page Like). It will be repeated in the future with varied images and smaller text to reduce costs further.

We created the media and designed the distribution of this as part of the overall campaign.

Sales Media: Linked E-Commerce Plugin

This was actually a supplement to the campaign, and sales were not the primary goal. However, this ad produced sales and cart additions for a specific product. It was easily added to the campaign to attract purchases from those who were itching to buy.

It features a real review, an image from the product page, and the beginning of the sales copy from that page.

Your Unique Experience

Your brand might be different. Your message is your own, and the content that we use to captivate your audience will be unique to you. But, you will likely see results from using the principles that guided this campaign.

To discuss your ideal day of marketing results, email howdy@growmeow.com