About me - it isn't, really.

You may have noticed, I'm a little different.

Who puts the word Meow in their business name, after all?

I even doubled down on it. I said you could start reaching your growth goals, right meow.

Why? Because I believe you can start growing your brand and sales, right now. And if you would like me in person, you probably have more fun saying right meow than right now.

Boring does not grow your brand.

The minute details of your product don't make people buy it. Frankly, your customers think you're a little strange when you start by spouting off details.

Your fans share your brand with others because they know that you get them. You speak their language. You understand their desires and their struggles. They buy from you because these things lead them to trust you. And then, so do their friends.

How do you show them?

Being genuine goes a long way. Your brand is made up of people. Chances are, those people have personalities. They smile, they talk like non-robots, and they make other people laugh. So should your brand.

It's not about you, it's about them.

Nobody gives a shit about you, but you. Your customers give a shit about themselves, and you should give at least two shits about each of them. So why do non-prospects keep seeing your ads, telling them how great you are?

Show your customers and prospects something they care about. And stop wasting money showing it to people who don't care.

Your potential customer has three choices:

  • Keep doing what they're already doing - probably nothing.
  • Buy from someone else.
  • Buy from you.

Your goal is to make the first two choices obsolete in their own mind. You should be the no-brainer.

I help you do that.